View Single Vaults

Click a vault in the vault list to drill down to its details.

Vault description

The top-left panel displays:

  • The name of the vault
  • The date of creation
  • The vault's blockchain address

Buttons on the upper right let you:

Total balance

The Total Balance panel displays:

  • Total balance of the assets in the vault, in real-time
  • Chains holding the assets
  • The crypto currency that the assets are held in


The Assets panel lets you view details of the assets in the vault, filter assets by blockchain, and more.

Asset summary

At the top of the panel is a summary of the vault assets. In the image shown:

  • 40 is the number of different assets in the vault.
  • $25.1 is the USD value of those 40 assets.

Asset distribution

The assets as they are distributed across the blockchains are displayed in "bubbles". A few examples from the image above:

  • Polygon holds 9.354 MATIC, an equivalent of $11.97 of the total $25.1.
  • Ethereum holds 0.002744 ETH, an equivalent of $11.53 of the total $25.1.

Asset filters

Click one or more blockchain "bubbles" to display their details in the table below. For example, in the image shown here, Polygon and Arbitrum One are selected (they are colored light blue). Only the assets belonging to those two blockchains are currently displayed in the table.

Show/hide spam tokens

You can show or hide the Asset tokens that you have removed from your portfolio in the Asset page.

Toggle the Show hidden tokens button at the upper right of the Assets panel.

Latest transactions

This panel displays summary details of the latest transactions that were sent from the vault.

  • Click any transaction to see its details.
  • Click View all transactions at the top of the panel to jump to the Transactions page.

Stuck Transactions

A dedicated Stuck transactions panel notifies you about transactions that have been stuck for at least 10 minutes.

Click on any of these transactions to display its details.

Click Accelerate to accelerate the stuck transaction. Learn more about accelerating here.