Products and Services

Fordefi’s institutional MPC wallet and security platform tackles – head-on – the challenge of wallets needing to evolve to meet the complexities of DeFi and protect user funds from DeFi attacks.

Multi-chain DApp connectivity

Connecting to DApps is currently a challenge on its own, especially as we move to a multi-chain future. To that end, Fordefi has built a browser extension – a singular interface – that connects to all DApps across multiple chains. Learn more.

Unprecedented smart contract clarity

Fordefi verifies the contract metadata integrity for review. We independently verify the DApp’s name to make sure the contract matches our database of known contract addresses. We simulate every smart-contract transaction and show the user what will happen if they approve it, including what their new balances will be.

Granular self-serve policy management

Fordefi offers users the ability to define and manage their own policies for every transaction, DApp, and operator. Our policy engine is completely self-serve, allowing users to directly edit and manage their own policies. To ensure a balance between security and flexibility, each policy change requires the approval of multiple admins. Users can set fine-grained DeFi-first workflows, enabling them to confidently stake, trade, lend, and approve transactions. They can set firm compliant risk controls, manage token allowances, and automate approvals. Learn more.

MPC key management and hardware enclaves

We believe that MPC is the best-suited technology to protect from key theft, while striking a balance between security and utility. Our system is structured so that the user has a key share secured by a hardware enclave in their mobile device (or an API co-signer in their environment), while Fordefi has a key share in our own secure enclave. The shares are used to collectively generate the public addresses as well as sign transactions. Learn more.