Change the Backup Email Address

From time to time, an organization may want to change the email address to which backups are sent.

When an organization creates a backup of its private keys, a recovery email address must be specified.

Follow these steps to change the email address:

  1. Open the Fordefi web console.

  2. In the side menu, click Settings, then click the Backup tab.

  3. In the section Set the backup email address, click Change backup email.

  4. Enter a new backup email address and click Save.

    The following result from the email change:

    • An updated backup snapshot of the data and an encrypted copy of the organization's private key is sent as a .json file to the new backup email address.



      Opening the .json file requires the combined recovery phrase of the designated admins.

    • A change backup email request is sent to the mobile device of the person who changed the backup email. When that person taps Verify, a message is displayed confirming that the backup email was successfully changed.