Manage Vaults

The web console displays all the vaults in your organization, as well as the details of a single vault.

In the Fordefi platform, a vault matches an address on a given chain or type of chains. For example, a single address is active on all the EVM chains supported by Fordefi.

In the web console, you can view all the vaults in your organization as well as the details of a single vault. Users have permission to view all vaults in their organization but permissions to perform transactions in the vault are limited by policy.

Search vaults

You can search vaults by vault name or address.

View a vault snapshot

To view a snapshot of your vaults, do the following:

  1. Open the Fordefi web console.

  2. In the side menu, click Vaults.
    The Vaults screen opens and displays the following:

    • Name of vault
    • Vault address on the blockchain
    • Type of platform, for example EVM
    • Total balance of the assets in the vault, in real-time
    • Chains holding the assets
    • Crypto currency the assets are held in
    • Name of vault creator

Click anywhere inside a vault to see its details in a separate page.

Download a vault snapshot

A download button is located near the upper-right corner of the Vault screen.

It lets you download a CSV file that provides a snapshot of the current balance of a single vault or of all the vaults in your organization. Files of this type are often required for reconciliation of your company’s internal balance sheets or for external providers.

Here's a view of some of the columns in the snapshot file:

Manage Bitcoin vaults

See: Bitcoin Vaults