Bitcoin Vaults

Bitcoin vaults work differently from vaults in the EVM and Solana chains.

Features of Bitcoin vaults:

  • Bitcoin vaults have only one chain (Bitcoin) and one asset (BTC).
  • Each vault can have many addresses. There are two address types:
    • Segwit (Bech32) address format - this is the default address format when creating new addresses
    • Legacy address format
  • There is one address in the vault, which is considered the “default” address. In case of a Vault1-to-Vault2 transaction, the receiving address in Vault2 is the default address.
  • Each transaction generates a new change address. This address is in Segwit format.
  • You can assign a name to an address -- this is useful for off-chain tagging of addresses.

Single Bitcoin vaults

The top-left panel displays:

  • Name of the vault
  • Date of creation
  • Group to which the vault belongs
  • Vault's default blockchain address
  • Total vault balance

Buttons on the upper right let you:


The panel at the bottom of the screen displays details of the addresses associated with the vault and lets you generate additional addresses.

Latest transactions

This panel displays summary details of the latest transactions that were sent from the vault.

  • Click any transaction to see its details.
  • Click View all transactions at the top of the panel to jump to the Transactions page.