A Sui transaction must pay for both the computational cost of execution and the long-term cost of storing the objects that a transaction creates or mutates.

Specifically, Sui gas pricing for any transaction is computed according to the following:

total_gas_fees = computation_units * reference_gas_price + storage_units * storage_price

Sui storage mechanics provide storage fee rebates whenever a transaction deletes previously stored objects. Hence, the net fees that a user pays equal gas fees less the rebates associated with data deletion, as follows:

net_gas_fees = computation_gas_fee + storage_gas_fee - storage_rebate

Each Sui transaction is submitted with the following fields:

  • Gas Budget: This provides a cap to the amount of gas fees you pay. The gas budget for a Sui transaction is defined in MIST units (1 SUI = 1,000,000,000 MIST).
  • Gas Price: The reference gas price is the real-time cost of executing a transaction in MIST units.
  • Gas Payment: The SUI native coins that will be used for gas payment.

Fordefi provides the option to define each of these fields through the API endpoint. The UI currently does not support changing these values.