This changelog covers the following areas of Fordefi:


VersionRelease dateDetails
59June 16, 2024New feature in this release:

You can watch assets and refresh assets that were manually added to the Fordefi UI.
58June 2, 2024New feature in this release:

Added support for triggered transaction by an API user.
57May 19, 2024New features in this release:

- L2 fee optimizations for OP Stacks and Arbitrum.
- Xai EVM chain support was added.
- Trusted web devices. Learn more .
56May 5, 2024New features in this release:

- Fully impersonate Metamask.

- Assets items on the Assets tab are now clickable and bring you to the filtered Vaults screen.
55Apr 21, 2024New features in this release:

- Solana batch instructions: Fordefi now shows the list of instructions for all the transactions in a Solana batch transaction.
- Solana "Contract Call" recipient: To support Solana transactions that consist of multiple instructions, the Transaction details UI now has a “Recipient” field.

- It is now possible to set policy rules on Solana recipients.
- You can now sign blackbox transactions on your mobile device.
- Support has been added for the Scroll blockchain. Learn more about supported blockchains.
54Apr 7, 2024New features in this release:

- Solana Instructions: The Fordefi platform now shows more details about Solana transactions: Program ID/address, program name, and data.

- Multi-chain transactions, such as those involving a bridge, are shown in the extension.
53Mar 24, 2024New features in this release:

- Support for Uniswap Permit2 in the transaction policy engine.
- A button was added in the Fordefi extension to enable or disable simulation. Learn more about skipping simulation.
- Cancel/accelerate actions are shown in the mobile application. Learn more here and here.Enhancements:
MEV protected transaction stability and reliability. Learn more.
52Mar 11, 2024New features in this release:

- In Transaction History, seconds have been added for every event in the timeline.
- Add organization selector for onboarding
- Solana - Programmatic "Sign but not send". Learn more here and here.Enhanced log export feature. Learn more.
50Feb 25, 2024New features in this release:

- Support was added for the Archway blockchain, a Cosmos app-chain network. See Supported Blockchains.

- You can now choose the node to which your programmatic transactions will be broadcast. Learn more.
- Fordefi’s Gas Station feature lets you automate token transactions in the EVM ecosystem by taking care of the gas asset (base asset) distribution.
49Feb 11, 2024New features in this release:

- Solana Batch Transaction: Fordefi's extension and wallet now support DApps that require multiple transactions. The extension pops up only once, then a single signing request is displayed in the mobile app.

- Vault archiving: You can now archive vaults. Funds in those vaults remain untouched and incoming transactions are still monitored. Learn more.
48Jan 28, 2024New features in this release:

- Support was added for the following app-chains in the Cosmos ecosystem:
-- Arkash
-- Stride
-- Noble
-- SEI

- You can change the role of an existing user. Learn more.

- You can sign Solana messages.

- Support was added for adding Cosmos address book entries.Enhancements in this release:

- The API Signer screen is now accessible in the UI from Settings.

- Improved identification of spam tokens.
47Jan 14, 2024New features in this release:

- Vault View Permissions: You can now set view permissions for each vault group to limit the vaults, assets, and transactions that a trader sees. Learn more.
- Approver groups: Set multiple approvers and groups for approving transactions. Learn more.
46Jan 2, 2024Enhancements in this release:

- You can revive a webhook that has been suspended. Learn more.
- Bitcoin: Fordefi now identifies and shows your incoming deposits in single vault screens while the deposits are still pending in the mempool. The pending incoming transactions are available for spending before the transaction is mined.
- Cosmos transfers are now possible through the Fordefi web console.
45Dec 17, 2023- Address book now supports Bitcoin and Solana addresses (both SOL and SPL).

- Balances on the Cosmos chain can be viewed in the Web console and through the API.
43Dec 3, 2023- New feature: User groups allow administrators to group users together into a group and then apply policies to it. Learn more.

- Improved Create Transaction and Get Transaction speed.
42Nov 19, 2023- Support was added for Bitcoin. You can now create Bitcoin vaults, hold and transfer BTC.

- Implementation of the EIP-6963 standard for enhanced interoperability with other wallet providers on the DApps that implemented the standard.
41Nov 7, 2023Support was added for dYdX on Cosmos.
40Oct 22, 2023Support was added for editing vault groups.
39Oct 15, 2023- Beginning with this release, you can resize the widths of columns in all screens that display data in grid format.

- In Vault screens, a button has been added that allows you to download a snapshot of vault data in CSV format. Learn more.
38Sept 27, 2023Many enhancements have been made in this version.
37Sept 10, 202- A Viewer role has been added to Fordefi. Viewers can see all transactions in their organizations but cannot create vaults or transactions. Learn more.

- Push-to-blockchain errors are now shown in the timeline in the Transaction screen and browser extension.
- The Fordefi API now supports idempotency for safely retrying Create Transaction requests. Learn more.
- Support has been added for Cosmos hub (ATOM) + Osmosis - MVP.
- Support has been added for these EVMs:
-- Base EVM chain
-- Linea EVM chain
36Aug 27, 2023- Fordefi now auto-hides transactions that include spammy tokens. Learn more.

- A Search facility has been added to Vaults and Users screens. Learn more here and here.
35Aug 13, 2023Fordefi now enables resending webhook notifications. Learn more.
34July 30, 2023- Backup public key - allow uploading an RSA public key for the backup process. Learn more.

- Enforce organizational backup to be completed and warn if not.
- 2FA support for login. Contact Fordefi support to activate this feature.
33July 16, 2023New features

- Stuck transaction notices: The vault snapshot and single vault views report transaction that have been stuck for over 24 hours. Learn more.
- URI info: We have added URI info to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 assets, based on this Ethereum improvement proposal. The URI is returned in the metadata_uri field of calls to List Owned Assets.EnhancementsThere is a new Mined transaction status. When a miner has included the transaction in a block and appended it to the blockchain, it takes on the status Mined. Learn more.
32July 2, 2023Browser extension update. Learn more.
31June 20, 2023New features

- Polygon zkEVM: Starting from this version, Fordefi supports the Polygon zkEVM chain.
- ecdsa_secp256k: Blackbox signing is now possible using the ecdsa_secp256k keytype. Learn more.Enhancements**Single vault cancel and accelerate**: Now, you can cancel or accelerate a stuck transaction from a single vault, rather than going to the Transaction History for the entire organization.
30June 4, 2023New features

- Queued transaction state: Where there is already a transaction in the Waiting to be mined or Stuck state from the same vault, any new signed transaction will be displayed as Queued. Learn more.

- Override Simulation Errors: Gain full control of your transaction, even if the simulation predicts a failure. Learn more.

- Cancel MEV-protected transactions: We enabled an option to cancel MEV-protected transactions.- Cancel and accelerate transactions: Cancel or accelerate any transaction that is pending in the mempool. To learn more, see Accelerate a Transaction and Cancel a Transaction.
29May 23, 2023- Starting with this version, Fordefi supports Solana SPL.

- Click any transaction in the Latest Transactions panel of a single vault to display its details. Learn more.
28May 8, 2023Starting with this release, Fordefi supports multiple organizations. A company can have multiple organizations, for example, one organization for testing purposes and another for production. Users can be members of more than one organization, using the same email address for them all, if they choose. Learn more.

To add organizations, contact Fordefi.
25April 23, 2023New features and enhancements:

- Phishing website support: Starting with this version, Fordefi alerts and blocks phishing websites from interacting with the Fordefi Chrome extension.

- Permit2 support: Starting with this version, Fordefi supports transactions of type Permit2. (Chrome extension)
- Asset sorting: You can now sort assets according to last_changed.
24April 2, 2023New features

- Single vault screen (Web console): you can now click on each vault in the Vaults screen and see a detailed page showing all the relevant information of that vault. Learn more.
- Risks: A new UI has been introduced in this release (Web console, Chrome extension).Enhancements**From and To address enrichment**: Now, when you save an address to the Address Book, the associated name is shown throughout the UI, instead of the address (Web console).
22March 28, 2023The new Address Book Groups feature (Web console) was released in this version. Adding a new address to a group with a policy in place saves you the effort of defining a policy for each new contact. Learn more.
21March 5, 2023Transactions:
- Max EVM transfer. Starting with this version, you can transfer all the funds in a vault (Web console and Chrome extension and API). Learn more.
- ECDSA-STARK Black Box Signature (Web console, API, API Signer). Learn more.
- Risk: Beginning with this version, Fordefi alerts you about transactions of type Message Signatures.

Gnosis chain (xDAI). Support for transactions on the Gnosis chain has been released with this version.
20February 19, 2023New features in the Fordefi Web console:

- Support NFT events in export transactions: Now, the transaction log reflects events including NFT tokens.

- Policy: UX improvements

- Risks: Bridge destinations. Beginning with this version, Fordefi warns you when the bridge destination is not the sender.

- Management: Abort backup. A new button has been added in the Web console to abort a backup while it's still pending completion.Modification to the Fordefi API

Get Vault:

- Renamed chain_type to type in the responseList Vaults:

- Renamed chain_types to vault_types in query params

- Renamed chain_type_asc and chain_type_desc to vault_type_asc and vault_type_desc in sort_by query parameterCreate Vault:- Renamed chain_type to type in body

WaaS Wallet SDK

Release dateDetails
Jan 4, 2024This release includes the React Native Embedded Wallet SDK v1.1.40, which delivers further enhancements to the cryptography SDK. Learn more.
Dec 20, 2023This release includes the React Native Embedded Wallet SDK v1.1.36, which delivers performance enhancements to the cryptography SDK and improves error logging. Learn more.
Oct 23, 2023This release includes the React Native Embedded Wallet SDK v1.0.73. Learn more.
Oct 15, 2023- This release includes the React Native Embedded Wallet SDK v1.0.67 and React Native Backup Cloud Provider SDK v1.0.68. New functionality enables backup of customers' end-user device key shares to the Cloud. Learn more.

- In the main SDK in the initFordefiSDK function, the googleDriveClientID parameter was removed from FordefiSdkConfiguration.
Aug 27, 2023There is now a dedicated screen that displays detailed information about Embedded Wallet end users. Learn more.
July 30, 2023New capabilities have been made available:

- Backup and recovery. Learn more.
- Logging and error handling. Learn more.
July 16, 2023Earliest support embedding Fordefi's React Native SDK in customers' mobile applications.

API Signer

VersionRelease dateDetails
40Oct 23, 2023- Support added for running API Signer by deploying it to Kubernetes using Helm Chart. Learn more.

- API Signer now supports the Cosmos blockchain.
- Faster API Signer polling: transaction time has been reduced by 0.5 seconds, on average.

Mobile App

VersionRelease dateDetails
32July 2, 2023BlackBox support released for mobile app.