Work With DApps

Fordefi's Chrome browser extension lets you safely connect your vaults to all DApps, across multiple chains.

You use the browser extension -- first to perform the transactions, then to view and track them.


Update your extension

Ensure that you have an updated version of the browser extension installed and activated.

Verify contracts

Fordefi keeps a directory of hundreds of thousands of smart contact addresses that are mapped to contract names and DApps. This allows us to distinguish between real and scam contracts; then based on this, we can trigger alerts and support setting policy rules for specific DApps.

Fordefi uses multiple sources for maintaining this directory, as well as manual tagging, based on customer requests. Fordefi marks a verified smart contract with a blue checkmark next to the contract name, so:

Identify risks

If Fordefi identifies a risk in the transaction you are about to perform, it issues an alert or warning in the extension. Learn more.