Revoke Trusted Devices

Trusted Device is a security feature that enhances the protection of your Fordefi account.

Each of the web devices you use to access your Fordefi account has a 'trusted status' to indicate if it is a 'Trusted Device'. If your device has met the verification requirements, it will automatically become a trusted device. You typically add device access during the sign-up and first login process. You can revoke the access at any time.

A list of trusted devices for each user is shown in the Profile screen, which you access by clicking your avatar in the top left corner.

The list reflects the trusted devices that the user has across their organization memberships. It does not not show revoked devices.

For each device, there are three pieces of information and a button to revoke it:

  • Device OS and browser
  • Time of registration
  • A list of organizations the device is approved for


Transactions created from revoked devices

After a device has been revoked, it can still be used to create a transaction. However, the transaction cannot be signed.