Create Transactions

Create transactions in the browser extension.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the DApp with the browser extension.
  2. Perform the action you desire with the DApp, for example, a swap between ETH and USDT. The extension should appear, displaying the details that the DApp provided:
    • Transaction Details: Summarizes the enriched transaction details.
    • Estimated token balance change: Shows a simulation of the token balance change.
    • Estimated gas fees: Shows the suggested gas fees. You can modify the values, as needed.
    • MEV protection (for Ethereum transactions): Select for Fordefi to protect you from MEV. Learn more.
    • You can also add a note, if you wish.
    • If there is an approval pending, the names of the approvers appear here, too.
  1. When you are satisfied with the settings, click Create.