Manage Viewing Permissions

Assign different viewing permissions to different vault groups.

By default, everyone in the organization can see all transactions.

You can set viewing permissions to allow a single user or group of users to view only a portion of the vaults. A user who has permissions to view certain vault groups can view, search, and access only the transactions relating to those vaults. This feature is useful for letting traders in an organization see only their own transactions.

To set viewing permissions:

  1. In the side menu, click Vaults. Then, in the screen that is displayed, click the Groups tab.

  2. Click the vault group for which you wish to set viewing permissions.

  3. Click Settings > Manage view permissions.

  4. In the list provided, click the checkbox next to the names of users or user groups for whom you wish to grant permission to view the selected vault group.

    The option Allow non-admins to create and rename vaults enables or disables
    non-admin users from renaming vaults or creating new vaults in the groups that they can view.

  5. Click Save.