Create a Policy Rule

Create policy rules for controlling the execution of your organization's transactions.

Learn more about the phases in creating policies.


Default policy

As soon as you activate your Fordefi account, a default policy behavior rule is provided. The default policy rule cannot be deleted and acts as a fallback rule where no other match is found.

Create a draft

  1. Open the Fordefi web console.

  2. In the side menu, click Policies. The Transaction Policy screen opens displaying a list of policy rules. Note that the Published button is displayed, indicating that the policy set you are viewing has been approved and is active for the current account.



To enable organizations to start working quickly, Fordefi's factory policy settings require no approvals at all. Our recommendation is to modify the default rule -- either block or require approval.

  1. To create a new draft policy rule, click Edit policy, and then click Create Rule.

  2. In the Create a new rule dialog, enter a meaningful name for the new policy rule.

  3. Add conditions as described in Policies, rules, and conditions.

  4. Specify the action to be taken if the policy rule conditions are fulfilled:

  • Allow: Allow the transaction to be made.
  • Block: Block the transaction from being made.
  • Require Approval: Send the transaction for prior approval before it can be completed.
    If this option is selected, specify both the number of approvers required, and specify the people or API users who are required to approve the transaction.


    Every approver is counted once

    Assume required approvers are from group A and group B. A user who is a member of both groups A and B, need only approve once.

  1. Click Submit. The following notification appears:

  2. Click Send for review. The following are the results of this action:

  • The draft policy rule appears in the Policy Rules list.

  • The number of rules in the title bar is updated.

  • Pending Approval is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen, indicating the policy rule is awaiting approval.

  • Proposed is displayed. You can click Published to compare the proposed policy version with the published version.

  • New appears alongside the new policy rule.

You can abort the proposed version by clicking Abort.

In the next step, you specify the priority of the draft rule.

Specify policy rule priority

The Transaction Policy screen displays a numbered list of all policy rules. The policy rules are applied according to this order.

  • Drag a policy rule up or down to change the policy rule order.
    It is possible to discard draft policy rules before they are created and added to Fordefi.



If two policy rules contradict each other, the policy rule higher in the the list overrides the policy rule that appears lower in the list. For example, Policy Rule number 4 overrides Policy Rule number 7.

In the next step, submit the draft policy for approval.

Submit draft policy rules for approval

The draft of the new policy rules must first be submitted to the Admin Quorum for their approval before it is applied to the system.

  1. In the Transaction Policy screen, click Submit.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes. The following result from that action:
    • The Admin Quorum receive a notification on their mobile devices.
    • When the required number of admins approve the policy rules, the rules are added to the Fordefi system.