Override Simulation Errors

Gain full control of your transaction, even if the simulation predicts a failure.

As you create a transaction in a DApp, Fordefi simulates the transaction to make you aware of possible risks. In some rare cases, the transaction simulation may fail, time out, or incorrectly predict that the transaction is about to revert. When this happens, transaction-simulation data, such as the tokens that the transaction transfers, will be missing. Creating the transaction in this case introduces a certain degree of risk, as you cannot fully verify how the transactions affect your assets. Moreover, the policy engine may not be able to match the correct policy rule to the transaction.

Still, you might want to sign and send the transaction, despite the lack of simulation data. To this end, when simulation data is missing, we display a warning that the simulation data is missing. As with all warnings, Fordefi leaves the decisions to your better judgment -- you are free to proceed by clicking Create.

For now, override simulation is supported for EVM transactions only.

Policy enforcement

Fordefi tries to match the partial details of the proposed transaction with the policy rules configured for your organization. As with all policy rules enforcement, the check is performed from top to bottom. If Fordefi cannot definitively match a rule based on the partial transaction data, Fordefi falls back to the default policy rule. This is one of the reasons that we recommend setting a strict default policy rule, such as requiring multiple approvers.

These are the fields that are available even if the simulation was unsuccessful and that are considered during the policy enforcement flow:

  • Initiator
  • Origin
  • Chain
  • Transaction type
  • Recipient – only for contract calls or native currency transfers


Token and Amount

Token and Amount fields are not available when the simulation fails, so if a policy rule depends on them, the policy will apply the default rule to the transaction. For token transfers and allowances, the recipient field is also not available.