Change User Roles

Administrators can change the role of a user.

An admin can assign a trader role to an admin or an admin role to a trader.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Click User Management in the side menu, then click the Users tab. The current roles for users are shown in the Role column.

  2. Hover with your cursor at the end of the line for the user whose role you wish to edit. Click Edit user role in the menu that appears. This dialog appears:

  3. In the Role list, click the role you wish to assign to the user. Then click Save.

    The change must be approved by the quorum. Until approved, the intended role is pending.


Too few admins

Fordefi does not allow you to change an admin's role to trader if, by doing so, the number of admins drops below the number required for the current admin quorum.