Export Transaction Logs

You can download a log showing all the completed transactions that were made in the organization.

Transaction logs can be useful in performing risk analysis, reconciling your company's expenses, and more.

Download the transaction log

  1. Open the Fordefi web console.
  2. In the side menu, click Transactions.
    The Transactions screen opens, displaying the default All tab and a list of all transactions.
  3. Click Export.

The transactions are downloaded in .csv file format to your computer.

Understand the transaction log

The transaction log is a spreadsheet that you can sort and filter. The log is structured so that each line displays a single effect on a vault's balance. Several lines can thus make up a single transaction. For example:

Each line provides extensive details:

Affected Vault NameThe name of the vault that the transaction is affecting
Affected Vault AddressBlockchain address
ChainThe name of the blockchain
Affected Vault IDThe UUID of the vault in the Fordefi system
Creation TimeTime of the creation of the transaction
Created By (Name)Name of the user who created the transaction
Created By (Email)Email of the user who created the transaction
Blockchain Mine TimeTransaction mine time in the blockchain
Transaction Direction- Outgoing: any transaction created from the platform
- Incoming: any transaction or event that changes the amount or balance of an asset, can be an incoming transaction or an even from a contract not initiated by Fordefi (meaning: rebase tokens)
Transaction Source AddressThe signer of the transaction blockchain address
Transaction Source NameThe source address name
Transaction Destination AddressThe address of the destination blockchain transaction
Transaction Destination NameThe address name of the destination blockchain transaction
Transaction IDUUID
Transaction HashThe hash of the transaction in the blockchain
Effect Type- Credit
- Debit
- Gas Fees
- Allowance
- Voting
Effect NumberThe index number of the balance effect in regard to the same tx_id/tx hash.
Token NameName of the token transferred
Token TickerTicker of the token
Amount (Crypto)Amount in crypto
Amount (USD)Amount in USD
Counterparty AddressThe from/to address of the transfers (as in Etherscan)
Counterparty NameEnrichment of the address, when available
Allowance AmountThe amount to allow in crypto
Allowance Amount (USD)The amount to allow in USD
Token IDToken ID
Function NameFunction name