Welcome to Wallet as a Service

Fordefi enables developers to embed Fordefi's core cryptographic engine into their apps.

Fordefi's Wallet as a Service (WaaS) solution delivers a robust and secure means of digital asset management, granting end users complete autonomy over their funds or tokens without relying on a third-party custodian. Fordefi's WaaS delivers web and mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs), enabling businesses to effortlessly incorporate them into their existing applications. This integration ensures the secure and smooth handling of digital assets.

By leveraging multi-party computation (MPC) technology, Fordefi's WaaS safeguards the security and privacy of users' funds. Fordefi's implementation empowers end users to retain control over their private keys and simplifies the backup and recovery process.

Fordefi's WaaS delivers developers essential tools for tasks such as key generation, transaction signing, and wallet balance management. These tools grant developers the flexibility to design custom product flows that seamlessly align with their application's existing design and user interface.

Notably, Fordefi's WaaS eliminates the need for users to remember lengthy seed phrases. Instead, they can create a recovery passphrase and store it in a location of their choice, be it on their local file system, Google Drive, or iCloud. Learn more.

Some key WaaS concepts:

  • End user: Represents the user of the customer. Each end user needs a way to authenticate, which is different from the standard method a direct user of Fordefi employs. Each end user has a unique key-share, where Fordefi holds the matching key-share, so ensuring segregation of keys between users.
  • Keyset: A Keyset is a container that includes the three different types of key types: EdDSA, ECDSA, and ECDSA-Stark.

Fordefi developer toolkit

Fordefi provides developers with the following:

  • Fordefi Mobile Embedded Wallet SDK: A React Native SDK that can be embedded into the customer's mobile application. The SDK allows developers to programmatically oversee wallet functionality and enhance their control over the user experience. Learn more.
  • Sample application: For purposes of development and testing, the sample app can perform basic operations using the React Native SDK. The sample app includes a NodeJS-based backend for the sample app to work with Learn more.
  • User base console: The Fordefi web console has additional screens that allow you to view details of your organization's end users as well as their transactions, vaults, and assets. Learn more.


Fordefi React Native SDK supports:

  • Android: v7.0 (API level 24) and later
  • iOS: v13 and later

Fordefi SDK and Fordefi REST API

Currently only cryptographic operations are supported in the Fordefi SDK: generating keys, and signing transactions.

You use the Fordefi REST API to create an end user, create a vault, list balances, and other transaction operations.

Learn more about Fordefi's REST API.