React Native SDK Reference




  • CloudBackupOptions - Cloud backup provider to encrypt the share on the user's mobile device. Can be either iCloud or GoogleDrive.
  • ErrorEvent - Error information that the client receives through EventEmitter - only if the client has implemented error handling.
  • ExternalBackupOptions - External key to encrypt the share on the user's mobile device.
  • FordefiSdkConfiguration - Represents configuration for initializing the SDK.
  • FordefiSdkErrorResult - Represents a general error result for any FordefiSdk operation.
  • LogEvent - Log events

Type Aliases


  • backupKeyset - Create a backup for a previously generated keyset. If a backup already exists, the new backup replaces it.
  • generateKeys - Generate keys using the given keyset ID and array of key types.
  • initFordefiSDK - Initialize the Fordefi SDK using the given configuration.
  • listAllDeviceKeysets - Return the keyset objects matching the filter.
  • login - Log into the Fordefi client using the given auth token.
  • notifyAppStateChanged - Notify that the application's state has changed.
  • recoverKeyset - Retrieve the encrypted shares, decrypt, and "load" them to the SDK to be used as part of the recovery for users.
  • setErrorHandler - Set error handler.
  • setLogger - Set logger.
  • signTransaction - Sign a transaction using the given transaction ID.