Fordefi's Developer Guide comprises the following sections:

General: This section provides a few general topics that are relevant to all the subsequent sections in this Developer Guide:

  • Authentication: Get your unique access token that will enable you to authorize requests using Fordefi's REST API.
  • Object types: A description of Fordefi endpoints.
  • Webhooks: Let Fordefi notify your application of events that have occurred in the platform.
  • Miscellaneous: On pagination, balances, API rate limits, and more.
  • Error reference

Programmatic Transactions: Fordefi enables you to programmatically create and sign transactions. This section provides developers instruction on a range of topics, from how to get started, through signing transactions.

Fordefi API Reference: Describes the exposed endpoints provided in the Fordefi REST API.

Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS): As a developer, you can embed Fordefi's core cryptographic engine into your apps. Fordefi provides a full Embedded Wallet SDK and sample application to get you started.

Before you start

To get started, make sure you have: