Install Fordefi's Native iOS SDK

Follow these steps to run the Fordefi iOS mobile SDK.

  1. Install cocoapods-art: sudo gem install cocoapods-art

  2. Configure CocoaPods to use cocoapods-art with the correct URL for cryptomobile:  COCOAPODS_ART_CREDENTIALS="username:password" pod repo-art add crypto-mobile-ios

  3. Add a reference to fordefi-ios-sdk in your Podfile

    plugin 'cocoapods-art', :sources => [
    pod 'FordefiSdk', '1.0.73'
  4. Install the required pods, including Signing.framework: 

`COCOAPODS_ART_CREDENTIALS="username:password" pod install`

If you require the Fordefi Backup Provider SDK, perform these additional steps:

  1. Install the plugin cocoapods-user-defined-build-types and enable it by adding in Podfile:

    plugin 'cocoapods-user-defined-build-types'
  2. Add dependencies into Podfile for GoogleSignIn, GoogleAPIClientForREST/Drive and FordefiBackupCloudProvidersSdk

pod 'GoogleSignIn', '7.0.0', :build_type => :dynamic_framework
pod 'GoogleAPIClientForREST/Drive', '3.1.0', :build_type => :dynamic_framework
pod 'FordefiBackupCloudProvidersSdk', '1.0.73'