Deploy API Signer as a Dockerized App

Run Fordefi's API Signer as a standalone dockerized application.

Facilitate installation of the signer by using the Docker image provided.

Install the API Signer Docker image

To use the Docker image, install a Docker container and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Docker artifactory:

    docker login -ufordefi

  2. Pull (or update) the Fordefi Docker image by running:

    docker pull

  3. To start the image, run:

    docker run --rm --log-driver local --mount source=vol,destination=/storage -it

    The API Signer has three possible states:

    • Not provisioned
    • Awaiting QR scan
    • Provisioned

    In each state, the API Signer is presented with different menu items.



To run the Docker image as a headless process, issue the following command:

docker run --rm --log-driver local --mount source=vol,destination=/storage -d /api-signer run

  1. Select Provision and press Enter.
    A QR code is displayed.
  2. Do not quit the docker image. There are more steps to perform here.

Move on to Activate the API Signer, meanwhile.