This resource collection represents a user. There are different types of users in the Fordefi platform:

  • Person: a human user of the platform.
  • API user: an API client key that is trying to interact with the platform.
  • API Signer: used to auto-sign transactions. See Sign Transactions with the API Signer.
  • End user: for Consumer Wallets. It represents the user of a third-party platform.

In addition, for all users (except end users in WaaS solutions) there are three possible user roles, which define the permissions that the user is given:

  • Admin: A user with high privileges in the organization. Only admins have permission to manage the policy, set up the backup, manage the address book, and add or remove users in the organization. Only a person can have an admin role.
  • Trader: A user who can create vaults and transactions.
  • Viewer: A user who has full view of the organization's users, addresses, and policies, as well as of the vaults and transactions, but does not have permissions to create them

Users endpoints: