This resource collection represents a transaction. A transaction is any object that can be signed cryptographically (with a private key).

In general, it can be one of the following types:

  • EVM Transaction: a native currency transfer or a smart contract call on an EVM-based chain.
  • EVM Message: in which a message is signed for off-chain use on an EVM-based chain.
  • Solana Transaction: a native currency transfer on a Solana-based chain.
  • Black Box Signature: in which a payload is signed for use, external to the Fordefi platform.

Create and authenticate transactions

Study the topics in Create and Authenticate Transactions to learn more about:

  • Creating and authenticating transactions
  • Idempotent requests
  • Predict estimated results
  • Transfers
  • EVM raw transactions
  • EVM messages
  • EVM revoke allowances
  • Black box signatures
  • Solana raw transactions
  • Releasing stuck EVM transactions

Monitor transactions

As transactions progress from creation through completion, they can follow several workflows, during which they take on various statuses. Status is returned in the state field of the Get Transaction and List Transaction requests. For a list of possible statuses, see Transaction Lifecycle.

Transaction endpoints

The following transaction endpoints have been exposed: